The following people have already announced their presence at the ESOP:

Name Country Lecture
Paria Abouhamzeh,
accompanied by Hossein Abouhamzeh.
Iran Timing Full Moon Occultations
Sven Andersson Germany -
Djunaï BABA AISSA Algeria New observations of asteroid occultations in Algeria
Piotr Badowski Poland -
Wolfgang Beisker Germany -
Christoph Bittner United Kingdom -
Wojciech Burzynski Poland Do It Yourself - cheap VTI based on Arduino project
Dietmar Büttner,
accompanied by Beate Büttner.
Germany A total lunar occultation with multiple contacts
Gerhard Dangl Austria Observation of a grazing star occultation in daylight
Michael Dohrmann Germany -
Eberhard H. R. Dr. Bredner Germany comes at the very last moment
Björn Dr. Kattentidt Deutschland -
Jan-Michael Dr. Lange Germany -
Eberhard Dr. Riedel Germany GRAZPREP - features and limitations
Andreas Eberle,
accompanied by Cordelia Eberle.
D -
Leonard Entwisle England -
Martin Fiedler Germany -
Konrad Guhl,
accompanied by Elke Guhl.
Germany observation of occultation by planets in the 19th century
Bernd Gährken Germany -
Martina Haupt Germany -
Tim Haymes England Graze of 81 Tau - using GRAZPREP
Reiner Hopfer Germany -
Stefan Jordan, Prof. Germany The Gaia Mission - Status and Prospects
Oliver Klös Germany TBA
Detlef Koschny Netherlands Kryoneri - a 1.2 m telescope with high-speed cameras
Gabi Koschny Netherlands -
Roman Kostenko Ukraine -
Mike Kretlow Germany The Chariklo Occultation Campaign 2017
Peter Lindner,
accompanied by 1 person.
Germany -
Fatemeh Montazeri Najafabadi Iran -
Jan Mánek Czech Republic Invitation to ESOP 37 in Czech Republic
Volker Neubert Germany -
Atila Poro,
accompanied by Samira Metanat.
Iran Simulation of Asteroid's rotation
Alexander Pratt England To be announced
Vaclav Priban Czech Republic -
Wolfgang Rothe,
accompanied by Gisela Rothe.
Germany -
Frank Schaffer,
accompanied by Marianne Schaffer.
Germany -
Karsten Schindler Germany Airborne Occultation Observations: Past, Present, and Future
Bruno Sicardy France New progresses in stellar occultations by TNOs in the Gaia era
Andreas Tegtmeier,
accompanied by Carmen Tegtmeier.
Germany -
Nikolai Wuensche,
accompanied by Annette Wuensche.
Germany -